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We would like to offer you the opportunity to learn first hand how Ag Performance can assist your individual farming business. In today’s agriculture every penny counts and understanding the nutrition needed by your growing crop and the availability of those nutrients is a key to the bottom line of your business.  We offer non-bias information to help you guarantee a successful and profitable growing season.

One of our consultants will spend up to an hour with you discussing your specific situation in a confidential manner. Through a series of specific questions they will be able to determine where your operations strengths are and if there are areas in your business that could be more efficient. Together we can compare your expenditures such as chemicals, fertilizer, repairs, and equipment cost with Ag Performances’ client’s to find any costs that may be out of line and if so help you determine ways to make profitable adjustments.  Many farmers have questions regarding corporations and if forming one is the right decision for their business. Our consultants have spent many years working with C Corps, S Corps; LLC’s as well as individual businesses and can give you guidance as you make important decisions regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each based on your needs. 


Contact us today for your free consultation today.   There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION! 

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