NAU Large Claim Requirements - Thursday, 02 August 2012

There have been a lot of questions concerning claims this year.  If it is determined that you have a claim that exceeds $200,000 for a crop in the county, there is a requirement to complete a review on your policy.  Below briefly describes what documentation would be needed for the review.   


The review would require verification of the yields used to determine your APH.  Therefore, you would need to assemble your production and acreage evidence for the most recent three crop years (2011, 2010 and 2009).  The yields will be verified for the most recent crop year and if any approved yield discrepancy exists, the other two previous crop years will need to be verified.  If there is no discrepancy, we still need to verify the existence of the other records. 


The following documentation would be required:

1.            Acceptable third party supporting records for all units of the crop, based on final disposition of the crop. 

                         a.  For sold/delivered production: assembling sheets, processing records,   precision farming records, etc.

                         b.  For measured production currently farm-stored: submit crop insurance or FSA actual bin measurements. 

                         c.  For current farm-stored production not previously measured: contact your crop insurance agent who can send in a request for a measurement.

                         d.  For fed production: provide contemporaneous (e.g. daily) feeding records per Crop Insurance Handbook instructions.  

2.            Production records labeled separately for each crop year by unit number and legal description, or submit your truckload records to prove unit yield determinations.

3.            FSA 578’s and maps for each year labeled by unit number or legal description.

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