Dust Bowl Era Intensity - Tuesday, 24 July 2012

DUST BOWL ERA INTENSITYis now being experience in the U.S. for the first time since the early 1930’s and mid 1950’s.  54% of the U.S. was experiencing drought conditions in June which prompted The National Climatic Data Center to officially place June, 2012 as the 6th worst month since they began tracking this information in 1895! 





There have been many comparisons made between this growing season and that of 1988.  I found all of these charts to be very insightful and thought all of you would too.


 What a difference a year makes!

…and it makes a producer wonder what to expect for next year, will the moisture get replenished, or not?  The National Weather Service has just released their August-October predictions and they are calling for above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation for that 3 month timeframe.  If that materializes we can expect to see drought conditions to spread and worsen even further.



Interesting to see how yields from previous years match up against today’s numbers.

…and how the price compares!


Same charts for soybeans.

…and price relationship.


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